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About Healix

Healix Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a premier Dental Equipment and Consumable manufacturing company in India with  manufacturing facility in Mumbai. Our Brand name is HEALIX.

The promoters’ strength lies in manufacturing and have ventured all out into the Dental Industry as they see an opportunity since all Dental Equipment’s and Consumables are currently imported and over-priced.


Endodontic Rotary and Hand Files: Current activity is focused on manufacture of Endodontic Rotary and Hand Files used in root canal procedures. We are the only manufacturers in India of these files which are widely used by dentist in endodontic procedure to save teeth from extraction. A nickel titanium rotary file is an engine-driven tapered and pointed endodontic instrument made of nickel titanium alloy with cutting edges used to mechanically shape and prepare the root canals during endodontic therapy or to remove the root canal obturating material while performing retreatment.


We have hi-tech equipment and trained personnel for production of these files with comparable quality to imported files and at prices which are very economical.  With in-house call center to reach end users directly, we are capable to cater to dentist and offer them these files at extremely low prices in comparison to cost of imported files.


Other Dental Equipments


LED Light Cure Unit – Corded and Cordless:    LED Light Cure is used in the hardening of cavity filling material which is resin.  We have sold upward of 50000 units in the last 20 years and some of our customers have been using this instrument for more than 10 years.

Endomotor: Healix Endomatic Endomotor is a device designed to facilitate the endodontic process, since they allow the use of mechanically driven files. This allows the endodontist a greater speed and convenience in the preparation of the endodontic canals. There are multiple types of Endomotor with varied specifications. However, Healix Endomotor is a cut above the rest. We have till date sold more than 2000 Endomotors and have a target to sell about 5000 Endomotors in the next 2 years.  Service and quality are the hall mark of Healix Endomotor


Other dental equipment Healix manufactures are:


  • Autoclave.

  • Bleaching Machine

  • UV Sterilizer

  • Cell Cam Intra Oral Camera

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