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The healix X1 and X2 light curing systems are the most commonly used light curing systems in India. Healix LED Lights are the most popular light curing systems with 3 out of 10 dentists using and recommending them. They come with a standard 10 sec cycle time and a 5W LED that produce intensity of 1800mW/cm2 of 460nm blue light. They are perfect for usage with all composite and light cured materials used in dentistry. It can cure upto 4mm thickness in 10 seconds.

Healix Light Curing Unit X3 - Dental curing light for composite resin curing
Healix Light Curing Unit - Button Operation
  • Intensity 1800 mW/cm2

  • Wave Length 450 nm

  • Curing Depth 4 mm 

  • Composite In 10 Secs

  • Unbreakable Body

  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty 

  • Locally Manufactured & 

  • Easily Serviceable

Healix Light Curing Unit - Parts of Healix Light Cure
Healix Curing Light - Healix Light Curing Unit
Healix Light Cure - Specifications
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