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Conmem Glod M3


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  • Progressive Endodontic file system

  • Conmem Wire technology

  • Extremely flexible files

  • Files of choice for very narrow and calcified canals

  • Files of choice for severely curved canals

  • Minimal invasive files

  • Improved resistance to cyclic fatigue


Conmem Glod M3
Conmem Glod M3

Excellent Adaptation to Severely Curved Canals

Thanks to Conmem Wire Tech which allows for the superior flexibility , AF Rotary, as a special design for a severely curved canal, can negotiate to the root canal as well. Designed with a convex triangular cross section, help to enlarge the core diameter of the instrument for better torsional resistance.

Sequence System with Adaptive Instruments

Open File, Path File and Shaping Files are chosen in the package, for orifice access, patent establish and shaping, realize the process with only one box, to help you to save more time during instrumentation.

Healix-files-gold M3 Table

Instructions for use


Normal To Narrow Canals
Conmem GlO M3

1.    Negotiate the coronal third of the canal with file K #10.
2.    Use Open File to prepare the coronal third and getting a straight line access.
3.    Irrigate the canal.
4.    With the use of apex locator, negotiate the canal with file K #10
   in a watch-wind motion to full working length, to get a patent canal pathway.
5.    Irrigate the canal.
6.    Use C-path file (#19/0) to full working length in a pecking motion for 3 times
   (Pecking motion: in and out motion for a depth of 3 mm).
   Irrigate the canal, then repeat the process till reaching the full working length.
7.     Irrigate the canal.
8.     Use file  (#20/0) in a pecking motion to full working length.
9.     Irrigate the canal.
10.     Use file  (#25/0) in a pecking motion to full working length.
11.     Irrigate the canal.
12.     You can stop at this file, or if the canal needs more preparation,
   you can proceed with file (#30/0) in a pecking motion.

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