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Healix Conmem Gold M3 Gold 4% Tapered Rotary NiTi files are rotary files for conducting root canal treatment.It belongs to the third generation of Rotary Endodontic Instruments.It is extremely simply to use.These files help in cleaning and shaping of the root canal complex in accordance with Schilders objectives.

It requires minimal effort and provides the clinician with excellent results. These new endodontic rotary files were manufactured keeping in mind the limitations of conventional shape memory rotary files in endodontics. Healix Conme Orders 2m Fix Taper Files undergo a specialized heat treatment process to give them unique flexibility characteristics. Shape memory nickel titanium rotary endodontic files have the limitation of reduced cutting efficiency due to heat treatment in addition to opening of the flutes when stress levels are encountered in the canal. This results in prolonged treatment time and apical extrusion of debris. Healix Conmem NiTi files with Controlled Memory are up to 300% more resistant to cyclical fatigue compared to other NiTi files* which substantially helps reducing the incidence of file separation.

Directions to use

  • Start by using a #15 size hand file with 2% taper, and the orifice opener rotary file.
  • Use the 2 % Healix Glide Path File to full working length
  • Narrow Canals – #20 size flex file with 4% taper followed by #25 size flex file with 4% taper.
  • Medium Canals – #30 size flex file with 4% taper
  • Wide Canals – #25 size flex file with 6% taper and #35 size flex file with 4% taper.




Cross Section

  • The cross-section of files is like the alphabet “S”


Sharp cutting edge

  • The two blade cutting surface increases the cutting efficiency


Flexible NiTi wire

  • Proprietary heat treated NiTi wire with high fracture resistance


Progressive Pitch

  • Progressively increasing pitch avoids screw-in effect


Safety tip

  • Non-cutting safety tip helps to reduce ledge formation, minimize canal transportation & reduce apical extrusion


Length Marketing

  • Helps to control the working length during preparation


Tip Size Indicator

  • The colored ring indicates the tip of instrument


Taper Indicator

  • One ring-0.04 Taper | Two Rings- 0.06 Taper


Indication :

  • Used in endodontics. These files are most flexible and with high cutting efficiency.



  • Cross-section.
  • Sharp Cutting Edge.
  • Flexible NiTi Wire.
  • Progressive Pitch.
  • Safety Tip.
  • Length Marking.
  • Tip Size Indicator.

Key Specification

  • Speed- 400 RPM
  • Torque- 2 NCm



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    • 350% more resistant to cyclic fatigue
    • Advanced memory alloy tech with elegant dark gold color
    • Extreme Flexibility: To negotiate any canal
    • Advanced Tip Process, Avoid Forming Steps
    • Safety Tip: Non-Cutting tip to minimize apical transportation

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