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Healix Dental CAL-I Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform Paste  is Temporary or Permanent Root Canal Filling Material. It comes in 3gm paste form.


Healix Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform is a versatile dental material used in endodontic treatments. This paste-like mixture combines the antimicrobial properties of iodoform with the tissue-dissolving and healing abilities of calcium hydroxide. When applied inside the root canal, it effectively disinfects the area, promotes healing, and aids in the formation of a hard tissue barrier. The combination of these two active ingredients creates a potent formulation that helps eliminate bacteria and facilitate the repair process. Healix Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform is a trusted choice among dental professionals for its efficacy in root canal treatments. It comes in a convenient packaging, ensuring easy application and optimal results. Trust this product to support your endodontic procedures and provide reliable outcomes.


Indications : 

  • Pulp Sealing
  • Temporary root canal Fillings
  • Intermediate intra-Canal treatment and dressing


Composition : Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform  Paste


1 x 3gm Non Dripping Special Syringe


Directions to use:

  • Prepare the canal
  • After Preparation of Root Canal, Cleaning and Drying, apply the paste into the canal by using Healix Special Syringe
  • Take Cotton Swab
  • Remove excess paste with cotton swab and seal off with cement.
  • As calcium hydroxide is a restorable material if any periapical extrusion has happened, the same should not give any probelm.


Packing :

1 3gm Syringe

4 Syringe Tips

Healix CAL-I Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform Paste

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