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Healix Calcium Hydroxide Powder is 200 GM Alkaline Calcium hydroxide powder for temporary root canal dressing and protection.


Calcium hydroxide powder is a white powder that forms a paste intended for temporary root canal dressing when mixed with distilled water.The product is intended to eliminate remaining microorganisms and prevent reinfection. The main properties of the calcium hydroxide paste are thanks to its alkaline pH. The usual duration of temporisation treatment is between 1 and 3 weeks. 

Composition - Calcium Hydroxide Powder

Packing: 200 GM Calcium Hydroxide Powder

Directions to use:

Prepare a moderately stiff paste by mixing Calcium Hydroxide Powder with sterile water. Introduce the paste into the canal, packing the paste against the periapical tissue. Close the tooth with a temporary filling material and recall the patient in 2 weeks.


Healix Calcium Hydroxide Powder 200 GM

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