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Healix Gutta Percha Solvent is 15ml softening solution used for removing gutta percha at the time of root canal retreatment. It can also be used for removing all types of root canal filling materials including Zinc Oxide -Eugenol Cement or as a cleaner for endodontic instruments. It is less volatile as compared to chloroform / Trichloroethylene. It is based on natural substances and therefore it does not cause irritation to oral mucosa.


Key Specification

  • Main active ingredient in Gutta - Solv is d-Limonene which is a natural substance extracted from orange oil. 
  • Store in a cool & Dark place, for dental use only.


1x15ml Bottle


Directions to use:



  • Step 1 - Carry Healix Gutta Percha Solvent  in a disposable Syringe
    Step 2 - Put 2-3 drops of Healix Gutta Percha Solvent Solution into the Canal
    Step 3 - Wait for 4-5 minutes . Healix Gutta Percha Solvent starts to soften Gutta Percha
    Step 4 - Start negotiating the canal with #10 H file and move to #15 H file for further negotiation, then to #20 H file
    Step 5 - Put 2-3 drops of more Healix Gutta Percha Solvent if required to retrieve Gutta Percha from coronal as well as apical part
  • Dispense Healix Gutta Percha Solvent into a dappen dish or directly on a cotton pallet. Place the soaked cotton pellet on root canal filling material and cover with temporary cement (Zinc Phosphate). Remove the softened filling material after two days.
  • It can be used for removal of remaining material in the apical part of the canal using small hand files
  • The same product can be used easily after root canal obturation to clean the chamber and to remove the excess of sealer (eugenate base cements) and gutta-percha, so the adhesive build-up procedure is not compromised. 


Healix Gutta Percha Solvent 15ml

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