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Healix Calcium Hydroxide with Barium Sulphate Water based calcium hydroxide paste with barium sulphate for temporary root canal dressing.



  • It has Premixed Formulation which saves time and has an easy application.
  • It has excellent Paste Type Consistencywhich Provides superior control during application.
  • It is Water-soluble Paste which Helps in easy cleaning and removal from the canal.
  • It is Temporary Filling  root canal filling material between appointments.
  • It has a High pH: High pH of >12.5 which creates unfavorable environments for microbes.
  •  Helps in radiological examination.


Healix Calcium Hydroxide with Barium Sulphate is a radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste with barium sulphate with basic pH of value >12.5 and is indicated for endodontic dressing procedures as root canal filling material.

Waldent RCTcal is a water-based paste indicated for temporary root canal dressing, pulp capping, vital pulpotomy, and apexification.

It is available in a 3-gram syringe kit which contains four 3 gram syringes and 12 disposable tips. The material is a soft, pre-mixed paste that can be delivered directly into the root canal apical areas by a plastic syringe and delivery tips.



  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Barium Sulphate
  • Water Base


  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Store at room temperature of 5°-30°C
  • Store away from direct sunlight 



3 Mg Syringe

4 Applicator Tips



  • After biomechanical preparation of the canal, disinfect and dry the canal completely.
  • Insert the tip of the syringe and fill the canal with RCTcal by gently pushing the plunger of the syringe.
  • Keep the dispensing tip loose in the canal and do not apply excessive pressure.
  • Always keep the dispensing tip 2mm short of the apex, avoid overfilling and creating air pockets.
  • Remove the excess paste with the help of a sterile cotton swab for sealing.
  • RCTcal is a water-based paste and can be easily removed with the help of an endodontic file and water.

Healix Calcium Hydroxide with Barium Sulphate

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