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Healix Conmem Pro Rotary NiTi files are rotary files for conducting root canal treatment.It belongs to the third generation of Rotary Endodontic Instruments.It is extremely simply to use.These files help in cleaning and shaping of the root canal complex in accordance with Schilders objectives. It requires minimal effort and provides the clinician with excellent results. Healix Conmem Rotary Glide Path Files offer many advantages compared to manual glide path solutions. With 2% taper these files provide flexibility and high strength against cyclic fatigue. The gradual increase in the tip diameters (013; 016; 019) facilitates the progression of the files eliminate the need for strong axial pressure. These files substantially reduces the time spent for glide path compared to manual stainless steel files.Healix Conmem Glide path works best in thinner and measle canals as well as pedo canals. Packing Following are packing available Assorted pack of 2% Glide Path #13,#16 and #19 one each Pack of 3 #13 Pack of 3 #16 Pack of 3 #19

Healix Conmem Premium Glide Path Rotary Files - #19-02% - 21mm


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