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Healix Conmem M3 Gold 4% Tapered Rotary NiTi Files is a  revolutionize your root canal treatments with Healix Conmem M3 Gold Rotary NiTi Files. These cutting-edge rotary files are designed for efficient and effective root canal shaping, providing clinicians with exceptional results.



  • Cross Section: Unique "S" shape design for optimal efficiency.
  • Sharp Cutting Edge: Dual-blade cutting surface for enhanced performance.
  • Flexible NiTi Wire: Proprietary heat-treated NiTi wire ensures high fracture resistance.
  • Progressive Pitch: Gradually increasing pitch prevents the screw-in effect.
  • Safety Tip: Non-cutting safety tip reduces ledge formation and minimizes canal transportation.
  • Length Marking: Helps control the working length during preparation.
  • Tip Size Indicator: Colored ring indicates the tip of the instrument.
  • Taper Indicator: One ring for 0.04 Taper, Two rings for 0.06 Taper.

HealixPremium Blue Rotary with Niti Control Memory Files

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